Long-Term Parking Autopeni Operating Regulations

The aboveground parking lot ParcareAutopeni.ro is a private property, and access for drivers is allowed only under the conditions of complying with the present Regulations and road legislation. By requesting the issuance of the parking access ticket, the driver accepts and undertakes to comply with the conditions of the present Regulations and the road signs within the parking lot.

Art.1 For the purposes of these Regulations, parking spaces are specially designed and marked spaces, delimited perpendicular or obliquely from the edge of the roadway.
Art.2 Each driver shall park the vehicle so as to occupy only one parking space and not obstruct the occupation of adjacent parking spaces by exceeding the marked boundaries of the occupied parking space.
Art.3 ParcareAutopeni.ro reserves the right to delimit certain areas within the aboveground parking lot where specific rules exceeding these Regulations will apply.
Art.4 Access to the ParcareAutopeni.ro parking lot is granted by requesting and obtaining the access ticket. Exiting the aboveground parking lot is done after validating and paying the parking fee using the access ticket. Failure to pay the parking fee owed upon leaving the parking lot is sanctioned according to the present Regulations.

Art.5 The parking lot operating hours are: Monday – Sunday, from 00:00 to 24:00.
Art.6 Depending on the parking occupancy rate or other exceptional situations, ParcareAutopeni.ro may temporarily restrict access to the aboveground parking lot.

Art.7 Paid parking in specially designated spaces provided in these Regulations is based on the hourly rate principle.
Art.8 The parking fee is mentioned on the Tariff page and can be paid both online by bank card and on-site.
Art.9 Drivers, customers, and visitors agree:
a) Not to use the parking lot for dangerous, illegal, immoral activities, or for begging;
b) Not to use the parking lot for repairing vehicles or other similar activities;
c) Not to organize any political meetings, public demonstrations, strikes, shows, or commercial activities in the parking lot;
d) Not to camp or have picnics, sports, or other recreational activities in the parking lot;
e) Not to distribute advertising materials or other displays without the written consent of ParcareAutopeni.ro.
f) Not to do anything to disturb public order, cause damage or inconvenience, both to the aboveground parking lot and its users; g) Not to leave unattended animals or hazardous substances in vehicles;
h) Not to leave minors unattended in the parking lot or in parked vehicles.
Art.10 ParcareAutopeni.ro will provide parking users with civilized parking conditions, including proper cleaning and lighting of parking spaces.
Art.11 Long-term and short-term parking is permitted.

Art.12 The driver is obliged to fully comply with the Regulations for the operation of the ParcareAutopeni.ro parking lot, and in case of any violation of the provisions of the Regulations, the driver in question shall be subject to the corresponding penalty.
Art.13 Any damage caused to their own vehicles, other vehicles, or installations by the drivers during their travel or parking within the ParcareAutopeni.ro Parking Lot shall be borne by the persons responsible, with the exclusion of ParcareAutopeni’s liability.
Art.14 When parking vehicles, the driver must turn off the engine and ensure the security of the goods left inside the vehicle by closing the doors, engine hoods, and trunks, windows, fuel tank cap, etc. ParcareAutopeni.ro shall not be liable in any way for their security.
Art.15 Vehicle occupants are advised not to leave valuables in vehicles, regardless of the area they are in, as our parking is not responsible for their disappearance.
Art.16 Vehicle drivers and other occupants are required to follow the instructions of ParcareAutopeni representatives, security company, or duty firefighters.
Art.17 The driver and other occupants of the vehicle will maintain cleanliness in the parking space and will not deposit any kind of materials inside the parking lot, with waste being thrown into the garbage bins installed.

Cancellation of the reservation can be done at least 24 hours before the date and time of entering the parking lot. To receive a refund, you must request it by email at: contact@parcareautopeni.ro.
We will start the refund procedures within one business day.
It may take several hours or several days for you to receive the funds, depending on the approvals of the other companies involved in the transaction: our bank, the card processor, and your bank.
However, we will initiate the procedures as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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