F1 Belgia 28 august 2022 - Parcare în Otopeni

Otopeni Parking – A Safe Place for Your Car

The 2022 Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Did you buy tickets for the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix on August 28, 2022? We know that racing fans are eager to pack their bags and go watch it live from the stands. The track that the highly acclaimed competitors will be racing on is Spa-Francorchamps. Who do you want to win?

Of course, you may have also asked yourself the question “Where can I park my car near Henri Coandă Airport while I’m away?”

Autopeni Parking offers you all the conditions so you don’t have to worry about your car and enjoy the Belgian Grand Prix.

Otopeni Parking Facilities

This is located approximately 4 minutes from Henri Coandă Airport (Otopeni) and is open 24/7. Transportation to and from the airport is provided by our staff, with comfortable and spacious cars.

Autopeni Parking is a reliable parking facility that operates based on modern technology. Your car will be well-guarded by CCTV cameras (permanently, of course), as well as by parking attendants who are always at your disposal.

Transport gratuit la plecare și sosirea de la aeroportul Otopeni
Transport gratuit la plecare și sosirea de la aeroportul Otopeni

Thanks to the fact that the parking lot is asphalted, you won’t have to worry about dust or gravel. Psst! You should know that we are one of the few asphalted parking lots in the area.

What you need to know about parking fee payment? It’s simple! It can be done both on-site at the parking lot and online with your card through a secure method. Payments are processed by Netopia Payments, after which you will receive the access code that you can use at any time during your stay to raise the barrier.

Parcare aeroport Otopeni asfaltata iluminata
Parcare aeroport Otopeni asfaltata iluminata

Why choose Autopeni Parking? Because we offer quality services at advantageous prices. We’re waiting for you, and your car will be safe while you’re away.

You know where to find us: Calea Bucureștilor 220A (Otopeni, DN1)

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Smart parking near Otopeni Airport

Online reservation, access to the premises through automatic license plate reading

Long-term parking in Otopeni. Enhanced security

Video cameras, perimeter fence, barrier with access code, security guard

Long-term parking near the airport. Facilities

Asphalt, marked spaces, transportation to and from Otopeni Airport

Parking in Otopeni. 2 km distance from the airport

4-minute transfer duration to/from Henri Coandă Airport