Parcare privata langa aeroport

Are you looking for a private parking near Henri Coanda Airport?

If you’re still wondering why to choose Autopeni Long-Term Parking, here are a few reasons that will convince you of the quality of our services:

  1. You can benefit from online reservation and payment for parking spots.
  2. The parking lot is equipped with advanced technology. For entry into the premises, each customer receives a unique access code at the barrier. Thus, no one can enter the location without a specific purpose.
  3. If the reservation is made online, access to the parking lot is done through automatic reading of the license plate number at the barrier or by scanning the QRCode access code generated at the online purchase and sent to the customer via email*.
  4. We have the only location in the Otopeni area dedicated to long-term parking with the following facilities:
    • Asphalted parking
    • Marked parking spaces
    • Fenced parking area
    • Signposted
  5. Nighttime reflectors and CCTV cameras throughout the location provide additional security. Moreover, we also have permanent security personnel, with staff active 24/7.
  6. Departure and arrival airport transportation is offered by Autopeni Parking for free with a state-of-the-art 7-seater car.

The access QRCode for each customer is also sent to the staff at the parking location and is recorded in our computer system, thus ensuring 100% access for paying customers to the parking premises.

Additionally, the staff present at the Otopeni long-term parking location is always helpful and happy to provide any useful information.

The quality of services and the seriousness of the employees are two of the elements that define us, so don’t hesitate to visit us!

Choose the best long-term private parking near Henri Coanda Airport Otopeni.

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Smart parking near Otopeni Airport

Online reservation, access to the premises through automatic license plate reading

Long-term parking in Otopeni. Enhanced security

Video cameras, perimeter fence, barrier with access code, security guard

Long-term parking near the airport. Facilities

Asphalt, marked spaces, transportation to and from Otopeni Airport

Parking in Otopeni. 2 km distance from the airport

4-minute transfer duration to/from Henri Coandă Airport