What do you need to know before parking your car in Otopeni?

Most of the time, organizing a trip is quite a challenge for our time. We have to find the best location, the best accommodation, the best restaurants, the most beautiful attractions, and one more thing easily overlooked by most of us: the best parking.

We can’t be prepared for everything, so often, after we’ve sorted out the “important” points, we find ourselves at the airport and we’re hit with the question: “Where do we park now?”

If we can’t help you with the first points, for the last one, we certainly have the solution.

Our Parking Recommendation!

After many attempts, often unsuccessful, we concluded that we, Romanians, can also have something “like abroad”.

We encountered numerous obstacles, significant to us, which is why we preferred not to ignore them but to solve them.

This “miracle project” of ours is called AUTOPENI Parking!

What we liked elsewhere we wanted to have too!

To achieve this project, we activated all our “seeker” instincts and started exploring the internet, airports and surrounding areas, conducted surveys among clients of other parking lots and managed to draw well-founded conclusions about the needs of people who use this type of service.

What characteristics should the place where you leave your car have to enjoy your well-deserved vacation?


We know how important time is to you, so we looked for the closest location to Henri Coandă International Airport for our parking lot.

Being located just 5 minutes from the airport, we managed to offer the customer the guarantee that, regardless of whether they are 10-15 minutes late, they will not miss their flight and will not ruin their vacation.

We wanted the access and exit from the parking lot to be as easy as possible, which is why our location is situated right on DN1, with direct access from it (the entrance has approximately 30 meters for easy access).


Another point we wanted to achieve for you to be as relaxed as possible about your vehicle was security. We looked for the best solutions and we like to say that we found them.

CCTV Cameras: Our parking lot has a surveillance camera system, considered by many to be “overly complex”, which scans the vehicle at entry and throughout its stay in the parking lot, monitoring it from every angle.

Barriers: When we said we explored airports and surrounding areas, we weren’t kidding. We know how “inventive” some of us are and we know that, at least we don’t feel safe with “it’s okay anyway, nothing will happen”, so we opted for a French security system, considered “foolproof” in the world of parking. Access and exit of the vehicle from the parking lot is not only based on cameras and tickets, but also on metal detectors, installed in pairs, at the entrance and exit barriers.

24/7 Security: Our drivers are trained not to allow anyone without a vehicle to enter the premises (without first checking if the person is actually our client), and after entering, if you have proven to be a client, we will drive you to your vehicle. In case the driver is not on site, the CCTV operator will monitor any activity within the parking lot.


Asphalt: At most of the parking lots in Romania that we have used, if it rained a little, you couldn’t get out of the car without “getting your boots dirty”. We solved this problem by building the parking lot with asphalt to allow the customer to enjoy clean shoes even after leaving us.

Quick transfer with state-of-the-art cars: We don’t like to be kept waiting, so we didn’t adopt the fixed-time transfer system, but we take the customer to the airport immediately after entering the parking lot. For maximum efficiency, we have purchased 2 state-of-the-art transport vehicles (Mercedes Vito and Ford Transit), both with windows tinted to the maximum allowed by law to offer the customer as much discretion and privacy as possible.

Online Card Payment: In addition to the classic payment methods available at the parking lot (cash or card), we have also adopted an online card payment system that issues an instant invoice via email. This online payment system is the fastest we have found. After entering the entry and exit dates and times and the license plate number, you will receive the invoice and the access QR code by email (the system recognizes the license plate number and issues a ticket based on the reservation, the QR code is used if you want to come with a different car than the one mentioned in the reservation, or if your license plate is dirty).

We hope that we have been helpful and that next time you need a parking space in Otopeni you will make the right choice.

We are here and we are waiting for you whenever you need us.


The AUTOPENI Parking Team!

Have a pleasant vacation!

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Smart parking near Otopeni Airport

Online reservation, access to the premises through automatic license plate reading

Long-term parking in Otopeni. Enhanced security

Video cameras, perimeter fence, barrier with access code, security guard

Long-term parking near the airport. Facilities

Asphalt, marked spaces, transportation to and from Otopeni Airport

Parking in Otopeni. 2 km distance from the airport

4-minute transfer duration to/from Henri Coandă Airport