Are you a football fan? Go and see UEFA 2024 live in Germany!

Are you a passionate football fan?
Go to Germany between June 14th and July 14th, 2024, and see your favorite team with your own eyes.

If you’re afraid of leaving your car alone for a certain period, we have the solution!

Where do I leave my car during the championship?

We thought you might ask this question, and we came prepared with the solution in advance!


Parking AUTOPENI is located near Henri Coanda International Airport, just 1.7 km away.

Facilities of AUTOPENI Parking!

  • Entry/Exit based on barrier, license plate readers, and metal detectors.
  • Transfer to and from the airport with state-of-the-art cars.
  • Fully asphalted parking lot.
  • CCTV surveillance cameras.
  • 24/7 security.
  • Online reservation system with invoices sent directly via email.

You enjoy football and your safety car!

Book now and enjoy a 30% discount!

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Smart parking near Otopeni Airport

Online reservation, access to the premises through automatic license plate reading

Long-term parking in Otopeni. Enhanced security

Video cameras, perimeter fence, barrier with access code, security guard

Long-term parking near the airport. Facilities

Asphalt, marked spaces, transportation to and from Otopeni Airport

Parking in Otopeni. 2 km distance from the airport

4-minute transfer duration to/from Henri Coandă Airport